December 7, 2023
The AC Whisperers: Your Repair Professionals

Your home air conditioning system works through a complex series of cycles to cool your home. However, sometimes things can go wrong.

If your air conditioner isn’t cooling your home, start by checking for these common AC repair problems:

Poor Airflow

Often, weak airflow is simply a sign that you need to clean or replace your HVAC filter. A dirty filter restricts airflow and places a strain on your system. This is one of the simplest things you can do to fix AC airflow problems.

Blocked vents and registers can also reduce AC airflow. Furniture, curtains, and rugs that cover registers or vents can obstruct the flow of heat or cool air into your home. It is important to keep these vents open and clear of obstructions, even in unoccupied rooms.

The outside AC condensing unit should be free of debris like twigs, leaves, and pine needles. Over time, these can overcrowd the condenser and prevent it from performing its critical task. Trimming nearby bushes and leaving at least 2 ft of clearance around your outdoor unit will help with airflow.

Frequent Trips on the Circuit Breaker

The circuit breaker is responsible for shutting off electricity when it sees a surge of power. This is an important safety feature to prevent damage to appliances or, in extreme cases, electrical fires. If your breaker keeps tripping, it’s an indication of a problem with the system and should be taken seriously.

The most common reason a circuit breaker trips is because of a dirty air filter, which restricts airflow. This forces the fan motor to work harder and longer to draw air through the filter, which can cause the breaker to trip.

Make sure the breaker is turned off at your home’s main panel before you start trying to reset it. This is a dangerous task and should only be done by a professional. Also, don’t keep resetting the breaker, as this can cause further damage to your AC system and may even cause an electrical fire. Instead, follow these steps for a temporary fix.

Noisy Compressor

A noisy compressor isn’t the most pleasant thing to hear when your system’s cooling down, but you should take any rattling or banging sounds seriously. They’re usually caused by internal pressure changes and could lead to serious problems if not handled immediately.

A humming noise is another common sign of trouble and can be a sign that your compressor motor is low on oil. It may also indicate a problem with the capacitor.

Clicking sounds are often a result of small branches, sticks or leaves getting caught in the fan. You’ll want to shut off the unit and check outside for anything that might be stuck in the blower fan before attempting any repairs.

A whine is similar to a whistle and also indicates a problem with internal pressure. It might be a sign of a loose piston or crankshaft in the compressor motor. You’ll likely need to replace the entire compressor if it’s making that kind of noise.

Frozen Evaporator Coils

When the evaporator coil in your AC unit freezes, it’s probably time to call an AC repair company. An ice buildup on the coil indicates a problem and could lead to more serious cooling system problems. An AC technician should diagnose and fix this issue as soon as possible to prevent further damage to the equipment.

One of the most common causes of frozen evaporator coils is a dirty air filter. Dirty filters impede the flow of air through the coil, reducing its ability to absorb heat. Another cause of this problem is restricted airflow from clogged or blocked ducts.

When the evaporator coils are frozen, it is essential to turn off the air conditioning. This helps to prevent further ice buildup and allows the AC technician to complete any inspections. Once the ice has melted, it’s important to let the coils dry before turning on the AC again. This will also help to prevent further problems from occurring.